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Eve’s Own House – Case Study – Chiswick Road

Eve’s Own House – Case Study – Chiswick Road

The role of an interior designer involves being able to identify a building’s natural features and work with them to create modern, light, multifunctional spaces ideal for contemporary living. This large building on Chiswick Road, London, was remodelled to suit the occupant’s needs while retaining the natural features and character of the property. My team and I looked to provide innovative solutions to create a modern, stylish and sophisticated feel that allowed for comfortable and practical open-space living.

Timeless space

Downstairs we opted for an open-plan design that maximises space for living, working, and relaxing. By doing so, the entire floor is exposed to the natural light offered by the tall windows; to make the most of this natural light we used tasteful, muted tones throughout the property. We stripped out the dated floor and replaced it with modern wooden flooring which is complemented by the polished wooden storage units in the kitchen.

The abundance of light that gives the property its warm, homely feel is accentuated by the numerous lighting features which run throughout the property—including a giant light bulb and subtle spotlights under the cupboards in the kitchen, and an arrangement of modern lighting in the living area.

Organised and functional

A modern London home that is short of storage space can feel cluttered and unorganised. We avoided this issue by installing an array of discreet storage areas. In the kitchen, there are plenty of cupboards which not only complement the flooring but also ensure that every utensil has its home. Similarly, in the living area, we introduced stylish storage in the way of wooden shelving and cupboards which match the property’s distinctive and warm tones. Overall, we were sure to make use of every space in the property.

Natural homely feel

The use of natural tones allows interior designers to exploit a property’s natural features, which is seen in the attractive exposed brickwork along the stairs in this property. This feature fits in perfectly with the theme of the property and provides an elegant look which is enhanced further by the chic modern lights which run up the length of the stairs. The property’s natural feel also extends outside where we have chosen a simple yet smart, clean and attractive wooden balcony that provides the occupants with a fully functional space that is ideal for an evening cocktail.

Let us help

A sophisticated design that optimises space and enhances the functionality of your property has the potential to add value to your home, and so hiring an experienced, talented interior designer with a meticulous eye for detail is definitely a worthwhile investment.