Eve Humphreys

Kitchen Installations

Kitchen Installations in West London

Whether you have a family house or a pied-à-terre, the kitchen is probably the heart of your home. It is without doubt the hardest working room, as we expect our kitchens to fulfil a number of different functions: cooking, dining, entertaining, and relaxing with the family. A good kitchen should be functional, efficient and beautiful. The best kitchen should be all those and perfectly matched to your needs. That’s where we can help.

The scale of the project really depends on your requirements and our services range from fully gutting and replacing a kitchen to making smaller adjustments for an updated look.

Enhancing your existing kitchen

Sometimes, small touches like replacing cupboard doors and flooring can give the look of a whole new kitchen, without all the expense and fuss. Eve has a great eye for which areas need to be updated or altered, and which areas are fine as they are. Eve never advises clients to change something just for the sake of it, and she doesn’t like to remove things that work perfectly well. Her ability to enhance the existing space saves you time and money.

Grey kitchen refit

Starting afresh with a whole new kitchen

For full kitchen remodels, Eve will work with you and an outside company on the kitchen design. This can mean choosing an off-the-peg kitchen or we can commission something far more high-end and bespoke, depending on your requirements and budget. Again, if something in the existing kitchen works fine, we’ll leave it in and work around it.

Finishing Touches

A new kitchen needs attention to detail and those all important finishing touches.  Eve and her team ensure that nothing is missed and as part of the service will apply silicone sealant to increase hygiene, protect your kitchen from water damage and create a lasting, beautiful environment.

Sealant at the base of fitted furniture

Our service

Once Eve has agreed the design with you, she will oversee the entire project from start to finish. Eve’s highly experience team can handle everything from new electrics, flooring, underfloor heating, building, fitting and decorating. You simply pick and choose which elements you need and Eve will take it from there. Quality control is an important part of the team’s work and, once finished, we encourage you to compile a snagging list so we can fix anything you’re not immediately happy with.

Our aim is to make the whole experience enjoyable rather than a headache. As such, our team is friendly, professional, efficient, and obsessive about the important little details. The result is a stunning kitchen that the whole family can enjoy.

Prices for whole kitchen refits start at £6,000.