Eve Humphreys

Full Refurbishment – Case Study – Hanwell

Eve Humphreys in transformed back garden in Hanwell

The Project

We took a run down, very neglected house which was dark and in need of a lot of work and turned it around to a bright, clean home perfect for a young family.

The full refurbishment of the property, involving the interior as well as both front and back gardens was completed in just 12 weeks despite the challenges of a pandemic meaning that social distancing had to be maintained throughout.  In addition, the whole project was completed without the clients and Eve ever meeting face to face.  However, as you can see, the feedback was amazing!

Front Garden

This small space at the front was a mess and didn’t make the house look very welcoming.  It has now been transformed with a paved path along the house giving access to the bins and a border along the front ready for planting. The centrepiece circular patio has been created with dark paving and pale gravel encircling the magnolia tree requested by the client.

The front of the house is the first thing people see whether visitors or the neighbours so it was designed to create a statement as well as provide a homely welcome to the home.

The old wooden door was revamped by painting it and brightening up the entrance to the property.  The exterior of the house was also completely painted to brighten it up.

Exterior Front of Refurbished House in Hanwell Rd
Close up of circular patio in front garden
Close up of brass vertical letterbox


Previously the whole of the interior had a really dated look and was in serious need of renovation.  All rooms were stripped down to bare walls and floors and freshly painted.  The house was also fully rewired and a new boiler installed as part of the refurbishment.

The whole of the interior was given a fresh, clean, new feel ready for the family to put their own personal touches to it.


New bathrooms were fully fitted into the property. The previously dark and dingy shower room now has a walk in shower.  The room was kept simple optimising the use of the natural light to give it a clean functional and fresh look.

Sink and heated towel rail
Tiling above sink


The clients requested that the kitchen be transformed rather than replaced so that’s exactly what the team did!  The existing cupboard doors were sprayed rather than replaced and new handles installed.  The old, dark worktops were replaced to increase the sense of space and light in the kitchen.  The entire effect is that of a brand new kitchen but at the fraction of the cost.


The stairs of the property have had a complete overhaul with the railing sanded down to a quality finish.  The panels that were previously running along the side of the stairs were removed and replaced with spindles.  The final result is a modern, stylish staircase.

Middle of staircase
Looking down staircase to parquet flooring
Bannister Post Closeup
Winding stairs


The house already had parquet flooring but this was brought to life on the ground floor by sanding it down.  The stairs and the bedrooms were fully recarpeted and tiles were laid in the bathrooms.

Back Garden

The clients had requested a blank canvas in which to create their garden so it was tidied up, some lawn was laid and the patio rejigged.  The garage at the back of the garden was painted in olive green to make a feature of the previously boring brick structure.

The Finishing Touches

The entire project was completed without Eve meeting the clients and the first they saw of the renovation was upon its completion.  Every finishing touch was completed, including removing all rubbish and old fixtures and fittings as well as having a window cleaner come in to add that extra bit of sparkle.

Fitting a radiator shelf
Freshly decorated Loft Room
Refurbished Kitchen Hanwell