Eve Humphreys

Bi-fold Doors

Room with open bifold doors looking out on patio

Quality bi-fold doors

Are you thinking of changing your patio doors?  Have you considered bi-fold doors?  Many people think they are expensive but we supply and fit them at a very reasonable price.  Call us to get a quote and completely transform your room…

Bifold doors are a set of doors put together in a concentina style for safe, secure transition from your indoor to your outdoor space.  Sometimes known by other names such as folding patio doors, folding sliding doors or concentina doors; they are a sought after feature for any home providing natural light and increasing the sense of space. The stylish look of these doors make them an attractive feature for your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Typically they are made up of between two and six glass doors fitted together that open in a concentina style.   In addition to the folding method, there can also be an access door incorporated.  This is in the form of a more traditional door allowing ease of access at all times.

House showing bifold Doors Made up of five panels
Extension with bifold doors on two aspects
Bifold doors made up of three panes
Bifold doors made up of six panels

Extending your living space

Using Bi-fold doors to connect your living areas can create a greater sense of space. Due to the style of the doors, they take up minimal space both when open or closed. They are a great solution for connecting to indoor spaces or more commonly to create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space helping to blur the boundaries between the two. This style of doors increases the versatility of your living space. You can choose how much or how little you open the doors depending on your needs; whether to allow full access to your garden or patio, or to naturally ventilate your home.

Brightening Your Home

Whether open or closed, bifold doors allow natural light to filter through your indoor living space creating a pleasant indoor environment. Depending on the aspect, this can allow sunlight to naturally warm your home on those cooler days while allowing you to increase airflow as much or as little as you wish on warmer days making these an ideal step towards sustainable, energy efficient, temperature management within your home.

Fast, Quality installation

Eve and her team always complete work to the highest quality and in a short time-frame ensuring you have a home you can be proud in the minimum amount of time. The team’s no fuss approach can get your bi-fold doors fitted in a day minimising disruption to your home and your everyday life. Get in touch to find out more about having these amazing doors installed into your home either on their own or as part of a larger refurbishment project.