Eve Humphreys

Bespoke Storage Solutions

Bespoke Storage Solutions

Clever storage makes our homes easier to live in. Yet, these days, many homes simply don’t provide enough storage for our needs. This can be especially true in city homes where space is at a premium. Eve can help with a range of storage solutions, from overhauling existing storage for a more modern look, to creating entirely new storage in previously ‘dead’ space, like an unused attic or the area under the stairs.

Creating beautiful, functional storage—even in the trickiest of spaces

It can take some ingenuity to see the storage potential in a space. Eve has a great eye for spotting the best places for storage and how to make the best use of the available space. Creating streamlined storage is Eve’s speciality, particularly when it comes to turning awkward or unused spaces into innovative storage solutions. This may involve building overhead storage, creating storage under the eaves or stairs, or making an attic space more usable. The trick is to use every nook and cranny—something that our team excels at.

We can create made-to-measure MDF storage units from scratch. This can be anything from a simple shelving unit to a multi-purpose storage wall incorporating a small home office area. We can also give existing storage a modern makeover, such as adding new oak shelves or doors. We believe storage should be beautiful as well as useful, and we work hard to ensure it blends seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Eve can also help you make the most of your outdoor space; a gorgeous, bespoke garden shed can provide the ultimate storage solution.

Our service

Eve will work with you to decide on the best option for your home. She will then plan and oversee the entire project. On a big project, such as making an attic space usable, this can involve plastering the walls, rearranging the pipework, and adding electric lighting. The Eve Humphreys team will take care of the whole thing from start to finish. The result is a brilliant storage solution that’s just right for you and your home.