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Bathroom Installations

Bathroom Installations

The bathroom is an important space in any home; it’s a room that we use every day without fail. The best bathrooms not only look great and feel luxurious, they also function properly and make the best use of the available space. We believe these two features – function and form – are crucial elements in any bathroom.

Creating a bathroom that is tailored to your needs

Every project is unique, so is every client. We provide a flexible service and are able to work to any specification. Our services range from ripping out an old bathroom and replacing the whole thing, to making small but effective changes to an existing bathroom. Even small additions and alterations can have a huge impact and Eve will work with you to decide what is best for your space, whether it is adding towel rails, an elegant bathtub, vanity units, a new shower, or fresh tiles. We also work well with small, challenging bathrooms, making the best possible use of space.

Many of our clients are looking for a crisp, hotel-style bathroom and, with this look, attention to detail and fine finishes are key—elements that we pride ourselves on.

Silicone Sealing

We believe that no bathroom is complete without those all important finishing touches.  As part of our comprehensive service, we will include silicone sealing within all of our bathroom installations.  This ensures lasting results, helping to prevent water damage and extend the life of your bathroom.

Our service

We start by surveying the space so we fully understand what we’re working with. Eve will work with you on the design and will then manage the entire project, including plumbing, tiling and those important finishing touches. Quality control is an important part of the team’s work and, once finished, we encourage you to compile a snagging list so we can fix anything you’re not immediately happy with.

Getting a new bathroom should be a joy, not a hassle. As such, we deliver a friendly, professional and fast service, and the highest quality finish. The result is a stunning bathroom sanctuary that you can enjoy every day.

Prices for whole bathroom refits start at around £6,000.